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From "Viscosity". Director: Paul von Stoetzel. Images: richardmolby.com

Remembering John Lilleberg


John Lilleberg had an enormous effect on people who worked with him.

Best of 2013-2014: Small Art


A sometimes forgotten excellence of live performance is its impermanence and adaptability, like basketball.

Major leadership changes are coming


TBT: In the next 5-10 years, the Baby Boomer founders of most of the metro's mid-sized nonprofits will retire soon. Is it a crisis?

Best of 2013-2014: The Lower Depths


Though this difficult world makes escapist theater a welcome distraction, Sophie is most lifted up by The Lower Depths.

BLOG: Across the Nation

Management | Production | Social Service

Bifurcation in Philly, 99 seaters in LA, and a complete inability to do much in Ferguson.

Best of 2013-2014: The risks


Four shows, three actors, two new plays, and one designer made Marya's list of 2013-2014's most memorable moments.

Do you value MNPlaylist?


Here's how you can help MinnesotaPlaylist get better (and get some stuff for yourself too).

Greatest Hits: Editor's Pics

The big art ball

Tradition | Vision

What does it mean to think like an artist?

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Levi Weinhagen

Levi Weinhagen

Levi Weinhagen performs in The Rockstars Get Sherlocked: Stories Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle playing at Bryant Lake Bowl this month.

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